Thursday, August 25, 2011


A little bit about myself. I'm shortly turning 40, work as an engineer, and own a house with an underwater mortgage and certain neighbors I'd rather do without. (I might talk about them in the context of wifi security.) I've been married to my beautiful wife, Cindy, for seven years, and we have two little boys, Joshua, 3, and Justin, 1.5. My wife is anti-tech (I've called her a Luddite at times) but begrudges me my technology hobbies as long as I don't clutter up the house and as long as she can use the things she wants to use, e.g. watch TV without tech support, use her laptop. (In other words, stuff we share is subject to the Wife Acceptance Factor, as it's known).

I use tech products of pretty much any type; I'm not irrationally attached to any particular platform. For instance, I know Windows quite well and use it on a daily basis at work (and when I need to use my wife's laptop), but I spend my personal computer time on Linux machines for reasons I will elaborate on later. I have an Android phone, a couple Apple iPods, and even a frickin' Microsoft Zune, how many of you can say that? (I got it because I wanted to see if it was better for listening to podcasts than my iPod, and it was, although I'm using something else entirely now. That would make a good blog post one of these days. Hint: The iPod wasn't the problem; it was iTunes.)

My little boys are very cute, and it's still too soon to know if they'll turn out more like mom or dad as far as tech goes. For example, Joshua liked playing with phones, but has moved on. He liked playing with my laptop, and now never even mentions it. Justin is going through Joshua's previous phase of liking anything that has flashing lights and buttons and stuff like that.

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