Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why Blog?

I'm starting this blog for myself; I'm not expecting to get any regular readers whatsoever. I'm going to write about two categories; one technical, one personal:

  • Technology. Mainly, I've learned a lot about Linux from searching online, and I hope to return the favor by putting tips and tricks I've learned online for others to find through Google or what have you. It's going to take some time to get my stuff up (see next bullet), but if I help even one person through a vexing problem it'll be worth it. There will also be discussion about other techie projects I take on.
  • I'm going to talk about my family. I really don't know what to expect from this direction, but it's probably going to be about how to raise my two young boys (ages 3 and 1) in our current technology environment. Stuff like, when should they start learning how to use a computer? Should I get them an Xbox or a PSP or a cell phone and if any, when? And why the heck did I let my one year old play with my iPod Touch, I should've known he was going to break it. (True story. He bit it and it's no good anymore. I got $12 for selling it back to EBay for their green disposal program.)
I am a real person and this blog is non-commercial. I'm writing only for myself. I will probably recommend some products, but when I do so it will be because I've actually used them and they make my very, very busy life better.

Who knows where this blog will take me in the future, but these are my goals going forward.


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